It all started with a dream. A dream to curate leather that is close to one’s heart. Having been in the leather product manufacturing industry for the international markets for over three decades, the founders wanted to bring the natural essence of leather to the Indian market. Hence, Classicuir was born for India. “Classic” is defined as timeless and “Cuir” is leather in French and together Classicuir brings you beautiful leather pieces that are a combination of contemporary yet timeless vintage fashion designed in France, that we are manufacturing in India.


At Classicuir, fashion trend researchers and designers in Paris, France, integrate the latest trends that keep the basic essence of leather intact. Classicuir is a leather brand that cares about you, handcrafted by passionate leather artisans, and gives you the vintage yet modern look with elegance and style.Each Classicuir product has its own story inspired by fashion houses through out history and is mindfully crafted with the right leather. After gathering appreciation and a successful run in different countries such as France, US, UK and Denmark, the thought was to bring Classicuir to India and fill the missing void in the leather bag industry.


We want to share our passion for leather with you and help you look your best , irrespective of whichever age category you belong to. With the combination of glamour, class, and elegance, we keep you in line with the “real“ leather fashion of the world. Keeping in mind our Environment, our leather is also all sustainable , eco friendly and vegetable tanned , making it the purest form of natural raw material .Experience Classicuir, your partner for statuesque leather fashion!